Who am I ?

The creation of things is something that has always fascinated me, so much so that I have obtained a degree in genetics. However, my true passion lies in the creation of material things, of physical things, and thus my love for sewing began. 

Coupled with my love for climbing and an outdoor, relaxed lifestyle, I curated my style; I made a poncho for a friend. The purpose of the poncho? To keep one warm when engaging in outdoor activities. Then another friend wanted a poncho. Then another. Soon, I became very proud of these products I was creating. Following this, I experimented with making chalk bags and buckets, to further the creation of my style. 

To label my passion is hard, how can one possibly label something they do purely for enjoyment purposes? Lockniss is all about doing what I love and providing my mind with the creative freedom to create what it desires. 

Lockniss is a sustainable effort, I try my best to use second hand fabrics, up-styling things so that I am not contributing to the pollution of our planet. Sourcing locally is also something I try hard to do.